Greenlet at CleanTech 2012, Tel Aviv

July 17, 2012

"The city of Tel Aviv, Israel, hosted the annual CleanTech exhibition this week. CleanTech, now in its sixteenth year, showcases innovations in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling, water technology, green transportation and green building.


This gadget—produced by the Israeli company Greenlet—looks like an improved socket. It connects an electrical appliance to the electricity outlet in the wall and collects data on how the appliance is operating. The data is then analyzed using a sophisticated web system. Consumers can check the appliance’s electricity consumption on a smartphone or computer and see how much the appliance costs to run.

But that’s not all—if your appliance is plugged into the gadget, you can turn it off by sending a message from your smartphone. The perfect solution when you are away from home and remember you forgot to turn off the air-conditioning or heater!"


Source: NTD TV - New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television

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