Greenlet system helps to monitor and control solar power in Africa

October 01, 2012

Greenlet’s solution is been used for monitoring and control of photovoltaic power generation in Africa. In this project solar panels were installed in African villages by JHA – Jewish Heart for Africa, and are monitored by Greenlet’s system from worldwide sites. Greenlet’s system provides an online diagnostic of power generated by the PV system, it tracks power quality, it allows to schedule usage of power and it saves maintenance costs.

These villages are not connected to the grid, and the only power available is the one generated by the solar panels. The solar system generates power for devices such as electric bulbs, refrigerators and water pumps and make a real change in these people’s life.

"Greenlet’s plug&play system allowed a very quick and reliable installation. We’re delighted to offer a patented Israeli technology for an important project which brings light and water to people in Africa.", said Avner Cohen, Greenlet’s CEO and founder. "Greenlet units can help in solar power generation and maintenance – they measure various power parameters, including voltage, current, power, energy and harmonies and can also control the solar generation and schedule use of solar energy."

JHA – Jewish Heart for Africa -

Below are some pictures that were taken by Amit Rosner of SolarEdge who was involved in the system installation.